About Kitchen Knife Records


Kitchen Knife Records is an attempt to go out in the world, in search for an ideal form of creating art & music and sharing it with the world. It focuses on delivering authentic art, having fun, and making music in a long term. We try to connect with artists locally while trying to making friends with music loving people from all over the world.

We make&sell all kinds of music, but we admit somehow we love “Christian&Gospel” related stuff. God only knows why. (Christian & Gospel music label based in Japan? No, it’s not something we planned. It just turned out to be that way.)

All in all, we are just another indie label from Japan. Just trying to serve the world.


* In 2017, Kitchen Knife Records became a subdivision under Calling Records (Japanese Christian Rock label). We mainly carry loud and heavy music, while Calling Records’ main label carries more pop friendly music.


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